Launch of Ethereum 2.0 begins

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What about the elections?

The voting has already ended and the votes are now being counted. As of 11am Moscow time, Biden has 238 votes and Trump has 213. It would seem that Joe Biden is a clear favourite, but it is not that simple. Trump is leading the way in some key states where vote counting is still ongoing.

Trump stated that he has already won in Ohio, Texas and Florida. But he said he has also won Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, although counting is still going on in those states.

Donald Trump said he will challenge the results of the presidential election in the Supreme Court if the counting of the remaining votes is rigged.

And when it comes to the „presidential tokens“ that we wrote about yesterday and even bought tokens for Trump’s victory, the situation is as follows: Trump’s token grew 114% and Biden’s token fell 56%. If you did the same thing as we did yesterday, today you can take your X2s safely or take a risk and wait for the final results.

Released version 1.0 of the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract

Vitalik Butterin wrote about this on Twitter. The deposit contract is needed to send ETH from the existing network to ETH2, making stacking possible. The genesis unit ETH2 will be launched on 1 December, although the launch was previously planned for 3 January.

SEC has simplified the fundraising process for crypto projects

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has raised the limit for regulated finance levies of the Wealth Matrix from $1.07 million to $5 million.

The limit was raised as part of a package of measures aimed at changing the terms of fundraising campaigns, which are conducted under specific rules. This is expected to provide more opportunities for crypto-start-ups to raise legal investment beyond venture capital.

This will enable the sale of securities without registration with the SEC. For this purpose, it is sufficient to limit the amount of possible investment for non-accredited investors. According to SEC rules, almost anyone can participate in such campaigns. This, in turn, will allow cryptostartups to expand their investor base without violating the securities laws.