Bitcoin Mining information that shone this week

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During this week, the world of Bitcoin and crypto currencies continued to move and generate information about mining.

We present you a summary of the 5 news items that were kept on the covers of the main pages related to digital currencies.

Among them, the increased difficulty of the Bitcoin Blockchain network stands out. Consequently, the increase in hashrate in the last few days caused an upward adjustment of the difficulty. However, the hash rate collapsed again.

In that sense, both the difficulty and the increased computing power are the result of an increase in the number of new miners. In other words, the increase in the number of new entrants to the business means more competition for mining blocks, which causes the network to adjust automatically.
These are the 5 Bitcoin mining information of the week

We present you our selection of the 5 most shocking information of the last 7 days related to the mining of several cryptomontages, mainly from Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin Hash Rate collapses.
  • The biggest farm in Russia is built in Siberia.
  • It is possible to mine Bitcoin with a Raspberry Pi.
  • The future of crypto mining is green.
  • What’s expected in terms of Bitcoin’s network difficulty.

Bitcoin’s hash rate plummeted during the week

In what is considered one of the most shocking information in the field of Bitcoin mining, there is the drop in the hash rate. Last October 17, this rate reached its all-time high, reaching 146.48 EH/s.

Later, during the course of this week that is coming to an end, it began to fall in an accelerated manner. Thus, between that date and October 23rd, that is, in 6 days, it fell to the current 133.5 EH/s.

The reason behind this remarkable decline could be the capitulation of the miners due to the increased difficulty of the network. For some analysts, it’s the natural selection that goes on in Bitcoin mining. Last week, state-of-the-art equipment was added that took many others out of the game.