Crypto-scammers ansvariga för 24 miljoner dollar i Bitcoin-stöld genom första halvåret 2020: Rapport

Den nya Whale Alert-rapporten visar att krypto-svindlare har tagit in 24 miljoner dollar i bitcoin under de första sex månaderna 2020.

En svindlare utnyttjade YouTube-annonsering för att stjäla 130k $ i BTC per dag

Crypto-övervakningstjänsten Whale Alert har publicerat en rapport som visar att krypto-svindlare är ansvariga för 24 miljoner dollar i bitcoin-stöld under första halvåret, inklusive utnyttjande av YouTube-annonsering.

Enligt rapporten „Chasing Crypto Criminals“ publicerad 10 juli hittar cyber-tjuvar lätt byte i form av Bitcoin Profit och andra kryptotillgångar. Whale Alert sammanfattade sina uttömmande recensioner av hundratals webbplatser och tusentals rapporter om stöld som „kryptokriminalitet betalar. Mycket.“

Whale Alert hävdade att det fanns liten risk för kryptobaserade brottslingar trots de stora ekonomiska effekterna som påförts offren. Rapporten bekräftade att minst 38 miljoner dollar i bitcoin ens stulits via bedrägerier under de senaste fyra åren, exklusive användningen av Ponzi-system.

Rapporten läser

Några av de mest framgångsrika bedrägerierna gjorde över $ 130 000 på en enda dag med ingenting mer än en sida på en sida, en bitcoin-adress och en anständig mängd YouTube-annonsering.

Whale Alert beskrev en annan bedrägeri som förde in 1,5 miljoner dollar under sex månader genom att främja ett falskt cryptocurrency-utbyte. Rapporten hävdar att annonsen tog offren till en „amatörisk webbplats med stavfel“ innan den lurade användare att sätta in sina pengar.

BitMEX launches focused services for its corporate clients

BitMEX, a Hong Kong-based crypto-currency derivatives exchange, is launching a new program with benefits for its corporate clients including improved security and accounting services.

According to a June 22 announcement on the BitMEX support page, the exchange is launching a new program for corporate clients, BitMEX Corporate. Accounts on the crypto-currency exchange that are not owned or operated by a private individual can now guarantee that their funds on BitMEX are legally owned by a corporation.

The NFT could change the way we own things

BitMEX said its new features were created for customers who need „different ownership structures for their accounts,“ the means for their employees to access and manage the accounts, and security requirements. However, the announcement also indicated that options such as multi-user login and instant transfers between accounts would be available later in 2020.

Still embroiled in controversy
Although BitMEX remains one of the largest derivatives exchanges in the world, many members of the Bitcoin Method community have been saying that they are losing confidence in it.

The SEC is asking a court to order Telegram to pay $1.2 billion back to its investors

Cointelegraph reported in March, that when the exchange was disconnected for nearly 25 minutes during the bloodbath of the crypto coins, many users were not convinced by BitMEX’s explanation of „a hardware problem with their cloud service provider. In addition, the derivatives giant faces a new lawsuit in which its executives are accused of extortion, money laundering, electronic fraud and unauthorized money transfers.

Crypto Twitter users were quick to respond to Bitmex’s official announcement with a bit of skepticism.

„Isn’t it too late, guys?“ said Twitter user call_aka_911, referring to BitMEX corporate news.

Others, including user 24Based, were more forceful: „Retailers have disappeared from their exchange, now they have to try to scam companies with overload?“